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Testimonials: Testimonials

Jayashree's Tarot reading has helped me clear my fears when it came time deciding on where to move.  I was stuck between going to New York or Texas and all the signs were pointing to Texas. I still had doubts but after a few months I made the move and don't regret it.  Now things are working out just like the reading said! Amazing service from one of the most genuine persons you'll ever meet!

Marvin Robinson

Owner & Author @ Mindset Med

My chakra balancing session with Jaya insightfully revealed and clarified my emotional / karmic obstacles, which could have been an uncomfortable process with a less gifted practitioner. In her hands it was enjoyable as well as constructive. A plan for specific, tangible measures to address the obstacles was provided. In addition to her intuitive gift and substantial training, Jaya has the ability to inspire one to relax into self-observation openly in order to enable true change and healing. It is a process that I would recommend to anyone.

Devin A.

Business Owner

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Payton Hillman

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